Media content is driven by the goal to be profitable – even blogs, Facebook posts, and Tweets are motivated by a need for some outcome, whether it is profit from blogging, social capital, confirmation and validation, or simply self-expression.  One key to understanding media content is to consider the needs it fulfills for media consumers and the needs that are fulfilled by generating content.  Becoming a Critic applied uses and gratifications theory as a lens to consider the reasons people use different types of media content.

Consider, for example, why people use social networks: self expression, building / maintaining relationships, getting information, etc.  When social networks fail to meet those needs, people leave.  In 2013, Pew found some interesting reasons why people were leaving Facebook: they felt they didn’t have time for it, weren’t interested in it, and felt that the content wasn’t relevant to them.  They also had fewer friends and were higher in conscientiousness.  So, Facebook wasn’t fulfilling their needs, and chances are they moved on to other means of fulfilling their social goals.


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